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Cannon Services is pleased to announce the launch of the residential pest control website:

Cannon is a key player in commercial pest control and although they currently work with many residential customers, is now expanding their footprint in this space.

Residential Pest Control is a necessity for many homes. With this, there are also a lot of Service Providers that exist in the marketplace. With the vast choice customers have, Cannon felt it was necessary to dedicate a website to the residential business. The website is designed to assist home owners in dealing with their pest problems and making a well-informed decision to choose Cannon Pest Control. The new website also has extensive content including Pest Fact Sheets and Preparation Sheets on many species. With the new website, clients have the convenience to learn about Pest Species, request a free estimate to solve their problems and contact the customer service team.

Cannon Pest Control provides comprehensive pest management services around Ontario and Quebec. For more information, please visit: or

About Cannon Services

As part of a global enterprise with over 55 years of experience, Cannon is a leading provider of washroom hygiene, pest control and life safety services. Through our comprehensive range of services and products we strive to enhance health and hygiene in the commercial facility environment. The design and delivery of our services and products reflects our deep understanding of commercial facilities, our focus on creating successful customers, and our respect for the environment.

Pest Control Toronto

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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

DESCRIPTION: Bed bugs have made a huge comeback in the Toronto area after being absent for many years. A bed bug infestation is very complex and will require the help of a professional exterminator.

HABITAT: Bed bugs can be found in any environment that humans occupy, clean or dirty this pest has no preference. Bed bugs are transported by man as we travel, bed bugs hitch a ride in furniture, luggage and possibly on our clothing. Once bed bugs are introduced into a building they will multiply quickly. Bed bugs in Toronto and the GTA are not easily eliminated with the use of pesticide due to high resistance to most insecticides. Bed bugs may also be present even if the building has been vacant for as long as one year.

Control of bed bug infestations will require a professional exterminator. Don’t take chances with just anyone call Cannon Pest Control Toronto today!

All work performed by Cannon Pest Control Toronto is guaranteed in writing. If for any reason the pest is not exterminated within the guarantee period we will return to perform follow-up service at no additional charge.

Note on bed bug guarantee: Detached homes are eligible for a 6 month guarantee if canine detection and treatment* have been performed by Cannon Pest Control Toronto. Unfortunately apartments, townhomes and semi-detached homes are not eligible for guarantee due to the ease of re-introduction from adjoining apartments/homes.

*Treatment may include purchase of mattress encasements if recommended by Cannon Pest Control service technician, pest control Toronto specialists.