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Many professional exterminators operating in Ajax and Durham region are based in Toronto, often servicing the Durham region when business is slower and their technicians have time to travel out to Ajax and Durham region.  When busy we often find these same companies placing their customers in Ajax and Durham in a waiting cue as it is less convenient for their technicians to service our area.  At Cannon Pest Control our technicians live in and service our communities.  Because our service technicians live in your community the response times are shorter and we have less travel costs associated with servicing your home or business.  Support your local business and keep our community strong and vibrant.  Cannon Pest Control is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, we are fully insured and covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  For complete extermination of ants, carpenter ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, mice, rats, spiders, wasps in or around your home call Cannon Pest Control @ 905-391-3987.

Pest Control Ajax

Exterminator Ajax

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Wasps are busy building nests and can be found almost anywhere;  inside children’s play structures, under slides, under decks, in trees, under soffit of houses, anywhere you spend time outdoors with your family.  Inspect outdoor areas frequently for signs of bee and wasp nests, pay special attention to the undersides of structures where the wasps prefer to build as it is well sheltered.  If a wasp nest is identified don’t take chances, if it is small and can be safely treated and removed with wasp spray from the hardware store… do so at night and wear dark coloured clothing and do not use a flashlight!  If concerned at all for your safely Cannon Pest Control will safely and effectively exterminate the nest. Our professional exterminators are equipped with the proper protective equipment and can treat the nest even during daylight with high wasp activity.  When all wasp activity has been eliminated the nest can be safely removed.  Enjoy your summer and stay safe!

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Patio full of ants?

Are ants are building a beach on your interlocking driveway or patio?  Are small black ants ending up inside your home?  You’re not alone.  This year with all the rain many ant colonies have been pushed close to the surface and in some cases into your home to escape the rising water.  Pavements ants are the most common ant in Toronto and the GTA.  The sand we see pushed up through the cracks between our interlocking stone landscaping is cause by pavement ants and should not be ignored.  Most people think that if the ants are staying out of my house than they are not causing any problems.  However, all that sand you see pushed to the surface was part of the level base your stonework was installed on.  Over time pavement ants will move significant quantities of sand and your once level patio/driveway will become uneven and unsightly.  Pavement ants will often start in a small area and over a few seasons can cover significant sections of the patio area.  Many people try to exterminate these ants with boiling water, this may kill a few ants on the top of the colony but will not solve the ant infestation.  If the patio stones are large in size they will not move too much, but for smaller stone designs the outcome is quite different.  Once the damage from the ants has occurred and the interlocking stones have moved it is too late.  The stonework must then be redone by removing the affected stonework, re-reveling the base and starting again.  Cannon Pest Control can treat the exterior ant colonies and exterminate pavement ants to protect your investment and prevent these ants from ending up inside your house.

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M.D. Pest Control Celebrates 5 Years!

M.D. Pest Control was established May 12, 2006 to provide pest control services for the Durham Region. The service area was expanded to Toronto within a year and now extends east to Bowmanville, west to Burlington, and north to Newmarket. It was never my intention to become a larger company or even hire employees. I was just tired of the large national companies high prices and up-selling (quoting on price on the phone and pressuring technicians to increase price once on site). Smaller companies seemed to be competing on price alone, often charging less than the cost of the treatment and obviously cutting corners to make a profit. The pest control industry as with other service industries has a mix of good quality companies and some that are just looking for your money. Honest quality service and strong referrals have helped M.D. Pest Control grow to a medium sized company capable of solving any pest problem. I take great pride in offering professional pest control services, our technicians are some of the best in the GTA. Thanks to all of our customers for allowing us to be “The cure for your pest problems”.

Thanks again,

Mark Duxbury

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Spring pests

The weather in the Toronto area is finally starting to become more consistent with a typical spring (warm days, cool nights). Carpenter ants have been active for weeks now and all other species of ants appear to be popping up as well. Spiders, Sowbugs (potato bugs), centipedes and many flies are also once again active. If a thorough fall clean-up did not remove all yard waste (leaves, twigs, grass clippings) from the window wells, under shrubs, and along your foundation, now is the time to clean it up. Many insects including sowbugs and earwigs feed on this decaying vegetation, by taking some time now and removing it your house should have less pressure from these insects. Firewood should never be stored along the side of your house, it traps moisture and is a great harborage for mice and insects. Tree branches and shrubs should be trimmed back from your house as well. Shrubs touching the house trap a lot of moisture and can contribute to insect activity. Taking time to help prevent insects from developing may save a visit from one of our pest control technicians. However if you find yourself in need of some help don’t hesitate to call, we’re here to help!


Pest Control Toronto

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