Carpenter Ants in January??

Yes, it is possible to have an ant problem in January.  A customer in Whitby had called last week shocked to be seeing 40-50 carpenter ants per day in his house.  “But it’s freezing outside, how is this possible?”, he asked.  A carpenter ant colony located inside a building is quite unaware of the exterior temperature.  If you are seeing ants in the winter months the nest must be located within or under the structure.  This is sometimes helpful to pest control professionals as we do not need to be concerned with exterior sources such as old fences, decks, trees, trees stumps, or landscaping wood.  Carpenter ants generally are found nesting in water damaged wood as it is softer and easier to excavate.  Carpenter ants do not eat the wood, they hollow it out to build their nest.  Infestations of carpenter ants can be challenging even for experienced exterminators.  We use a residual spray treatment and a machine called and Actisol to exterminate carpenter ants.  Bait formulations for carpenter ants are available but are much slower acting and control can be difficult as carpenter ants do not have a strong pheromone trail leading to food sources.  The good news… Carpenter ants do damage very slowly to our homes and structures.  The bad news…  Some colonies remain undetected for years as carpenter ants are nocturnal with almost all their activity taking place at night.  If you have a carpenter ant problem in your home or any pest control issue we would be happy to help.  Call Cannon Pest Control at 416-951-3987… we can help!

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